Universal Quality Machine, LLC specializes in a unique blend of service and production strategies that result in product assurance. Working with machine shop and manufacturing customers as partners, we can provide and one or all of these services:

  • Design collaboration, or design from start: design thinking and engineering to develop new products, or improve current products;
  • Proto-typing parts, whole products, or assemblies;
  • Produce the part or product that emerges from the design and proto-typing sequence, using our capabilities or in joint-production collaborations with our partnering companies;
  • Inventory and stocking of completed work, ready to deliver to our customer or to send their customers;
  • Fulfillment of end-user orders from our inventory of your products, by direct delivery or shipment, with full tracking and reporting, to assure that your goods get to your customers on time.

From design engineering through final delivery, UQM can assure product creation, development and fulfillment.